Avian Facilities

Hospital Facilities

ADFH has a large clinical examination room with multiple, advanced anesthetic equipment where minor procedures like application of bandages, blood sampling, imping and coping can be done. Adjacent to it is the unique and highly modern Ophthalmology unit with the latest equipment and instruments that are used to diagnose diseases of the avian eye. We have a separate Falcon Pox unit with thermo-cautery apparatus and other equipment to treat cases of Avian Pox. This also ensures that the birds suffering from Avian Pox do not come in contact with other healthy birds or equipmentis used for other healthy birds.

Our large modern operation theatre contains the latest equipment for endoscopy and soft/hard tissue surgery. It also has the facilities for digital recording of endoscopic videos. At ADFH, we use the latest orthopedic instruments for fracture surgery. We also have an advanced patient monitoring apparatus with facilities for monitoring patient blood pressure, ECG and oxygen perfusion. The latest laser technology rounds up our advanced surgery services.

The ADFH Digital Radiography unit is well equipped with an appropriate X-Ray machine and a fully automated radiograph developing apparatus. The professional handling of the digital radiography unit ensures the highest resolution of X-rays to detect even tiny fractures and to provide maximum safety to our patients as well as the personnel working in the unit.

In addition, we have a small surgery room with additional endoscopy unit. With its digital recording facility this endoscopy unit helps for fast and efficient endoscopic work when large numbers of patients are queuing for endoscopy. This reduces waiting times and enhances customer satisfaction. Minor surgical interventions are also conducted. The extensive state-of-the-art Intensive Critical Care Units is unique to ADFH. It boosts facilities for attending 11 critically ill birds in separate rooms at the same time. The units are equipped with the latest critical patient supporting apparatus, oxygen chambers and incubators and are extremely useful for close monitoring of our critical patients.