In-Patient and ICU

In-Patient Care

Sick falcons are staying in our in-patient wards for treatment and surveillance. They receive daily medication according to their individual treatment plan. Special feeding plans support their recovery process. A dedicated duty technician is available anytime and the doctor’s visits are conducted twice daily to review the progress. In order to remove further stress for those ill falcons, individual rooms provide them a quiet environment during their treatment time with us.

Intensive Care

ADFH has an Intensive Critical Care Unit (ICCU) with facilities for providing intensive care to multiple birds at the same time. The high-tech equipment like special warming machines with oxygen supply increases the survival chances of the birds. Our ICCU ensures that the birds suffering from life-threatening conditions are monitored efficiently and closely. To enhance the patients’ chances of survival, the ICCU provides the most specialized intensive medical support possible. Falcons and birds in critical emergency states can be rushed to the ICCU at the hospital at any time by contacting our 24-hour emergency service.