Surgery and Ultrasound

We conduct a comprehensive range of surgeries. They range from routine neutering and spaying of cats and dogs to more advanced soft tissue and eye surgeries. One of our specialties is orthopedic surgery for e.g. fractures. Our operation theatre is also equipped with an endoscopy facility for advanced examinations. Our specialist routinely use ultrasound for the detection of pregnancy as well as soft tissue and organ changes.

In order to ensure safest possible surgeries, our ADFH Pet Care Center is equipped with the latest up to date anesthetic machines and protocol available. We routinely use isoflorane gas anesthesia as this is proven to be a very safe and gentle anesthesia for pets. Before surgery, intravenous catheters are placed to allow the administration of intravenous fluids and analgesia during anesthesia. Our surgery surveillance equipment includes special anesthesia surveillance monitors to control the blood levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well as ECG and blood pressure monitors.