Dog Training

The ADFH Pet Care Center provides a dog training facility. We offer different types of dog training through our highly experienced staff. 

Are you frustrated or desperate when dealing with your dog's inappropriate, embarrassing or destructive dog behaviors? Do you admire other pet owner’s dogs who respond to all their commands? Then we have the solution for you: our easy to follow, natural and dog friendly training techniques. They focus on developing a positive relationship between owner and dog to establish a lasting emotional bond based on respect and trust. We are happy to offer a great variety of intensive training programs individually tailored to you and your dog’s specific requirements. Our training courses are based on the latest internal dog communication methods, voice tone and body language, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual mentality.

Pre-Training Evaluation

 Firstly, a pre-training evaluation is conducted to assess the dog’s temperament and level of interest to learn. Our dog trainer will determine if the dog is suitable to the training program being offered or if another course should be especially tailored in order to meet the need of the dog and its owner’s requirement.


Puppy Training

Does your puppy make its toilet in your house or breaks your beloved item? Don't worry we can help you to stop this unwanted behavior of your puppy. Our Puppy Training is the right step for you and your puppy to embark on a happy and stress-free relationship together. Like babies, puppies do best on a regular schedule. The schedule teaches him that there are times to eat, times to play and times to potty. Generally speaking, a puppy can control his bladder one hour for every month of age. Enroll in the puppy training now and have a great housetrained dog at home.

Duration: 30 Days


Basic Obedience Training Course (with leash)

The Basic Obedience Training Course with leash builds a strong owner and dog relationship based on trust and mutual respect. You will have confidence and control of your dog in any situation.This type of training is advised for puppies and for adult dogs that have never received any type of instruction. The Basic Obedience Training Course teaches your dog to sit, stay, down, stand, come and heel. Basic Obedience training also emphasizes socialization skills (especially important for puppies). Good socialization skills teach the dog to be a happy, outgoing dog that properly socializes and works with natural drives and instinct to get along with other dogs and with people.

The Basic Obedience is divided into Four Stages

 First Stage: Guide the dog on proper walking and handling exercise

 Second Stage: Teaching the basic command

 Third Stage: Socialization and Behavioral Modification

 Fourth Stage: Teach the owner to handle their dog with correct commands

 Duration: 30 Days

Basic Obidience Training

Advanced Obedience Training (without leash)

Advanced Obedience Training Courses are the ultimate course for dogs who have taken at least the Basic Obedience Course before or who have already shown basic obedience knowledge in the pre-training evaluation. All basic commands are refreshed in great detail in the beginning of the course. Then the course proceeds to teach your dog to follow these commands with hand signals (come, stay, sit, heel, lie down, stand etc.).

Once the dog has learnt hand signals, the Advanced Obedience Training Course then teaches your dog to walk beside you without a leash and to stay beside you at all times. It also teaches your dog to pay attention to you and to avoid distractions.

Duration: 30 days

Advance Obidience Training

Fancy Tricks Training

Dogs enjoy learning, and the more they learn, the more they will love it. Your dog does not differentiate between trick training and formal obedience. Fancy Trick Training teaches your dog to pay attention to you and to enjoy it. Your kids will be proud to show off the smartest dog in the neighborhood. Teaching tricks is a must for every dog owner who thinks of his/her pet as part of the family.

The Fancy Trick Training includes:

·         Retrieving

·         Jumping

·         Roll Over

·         Crawling

·         Carry the Basket

·         Sit Up

·         Playing Dead

·         Walking on Hindlegs

Duration: 45 days

Fancy Tricks Training

Agility Training

Do you want to have fun with your dog? Agility training is a fabulous way to exercise your dog with lots of fun for both, you and your dog. It is a type of training which already assumes that the dog understands basic commands. Agility training is based on a strong connection between the owner and the dog through voice and physical gestures. This intensive training is an exciting dog sport in which a dog owner directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Our Dog Agility Park is the first and best of its kind in Abu Dhabi and UAE. The Dog Agility Park consists of:

·         · Jumping on the hurdle

·         · Climbing on “A” frame

·         · Weaving on a weav post

·         · Walking on a seasaw

·         · Passing on a tunnel

·         · Passing on a bar

·         · Laying down on examination table


Duration: 30 days

Agility Training

All training classes are performed here on our site.