Veterinary Students and Graduated Veterinarians

4 or 8 Week Internship Program in Avian Medicine and Surgery

This program applies for veterinary students and graduated veterinarians only. The 4 or 8 weeks Internship Program inAvian Medicine and Surgery is a comprehensive and profoundly interactive education in both, theory and practice of falcon and avian medicine. At the hospital, the trainee will be taught the handling and medication of falcons and comprehensive training will be given on care and management of falcons. He/she will also be trained on medical and surgical management of diseases affecting falcons including collection of clinical samples, diagnostic investigation and therapeutic evaluation.

Theory classes will be held throughout the internship period. Handouts of learning material will accompany these theory sessions. The trainees are expected to complete assignments for each of these classes which have to be given in form of presentations. The trainees are encouraged to refer to the extensive Avian Medicine library in ADFH in preparation for their training and for the assignments.

Syllabus for the 4 and 8 weeks Internship Program in Avian Medicine and Surgery

Internship Program in Avian Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Students and Graduated Veterinarians
Programme 4 Week

Internship Program In Avian Medicine and Surgery
8 week

Internship Program In Avian Medicine and Surgery


Theory classes

Class 1

Anatomy and physiology of birds

Class 2

Handling and restraint of birds

Class 3

Imping and coping of falcons

Class 4

Clinical sampling from birds

Class 5

Anesthesia and soft tissue surgery in falcons

Class 6

Parasitology and common diseases in falcons

Class 7

Radiography and endoscopy of falcons

Class 8

Intensive care of sick falcons

Same theory classes as in the 4 weeks course plus additionally

Class 9

Identification of species, determination of age and CITES regulations

Class 10

Fungal diseases in falcons

Class 11

Bacterial diseases in falcons

Class 12

Viral diseases in falcons

Class 13

Orthopedic surgery in falcons

Class 14

Surgical aftercare of falcons

Class 15

New emerging diseases in falcons

Class 16

Post mortem examination as a diagnostic tool

Training Fees

For veterinary students:

1250 US$

For graduated veterinarians:

1750 US$

For veterinary students

2500 US$

For graduated veterinarians

3500 US$