Avian Laboratory Training

The ADFH Avian Laboratory Training offers the possibility of a 2-weeks or 4-weeks program. This program is open for laboratory technicians, veterinary students and graduated veterinarians. The avian laboratory training program provides an extensive training in all avian laboratory examinations including avian hematology, parasitology, microbiology and immunology techniques for interested laboratory technicians and avian practitioners.

This is a unique opportunity to get advanced knowledge in the more and more important avian laboratory field which will greatly help you in your daily work and open new customer services for you.

The ADFH Avian Laboratory Training programme shall be a comprehensive education in both theory and practice of avian laboratory medicine. Theory classes will be held throughout the internship period. Handouts of learning material will accompany these theory sessions. The trainees are expected to complete assignments for each of these classes which have to be given in form of presentations. The trainees are encouraged to refer to the extensive Avian Medicine library in ADFH in preparation for their training and for the assignments.

Syllabus Avian Laboratory Training Program

Avian Laboratory Training Program
Programme 2 Week
Avian Laboratory Training
4 week
Avian Laboratory Training


Theory classes

1. General overview on lab safety
2. Parasitology
3. Hematology
4. Biochemistry

Same theory classes as in the 2 weeks course plus additionally

5. Microbiology
6. Virology

Training Fees

For laboratory technicians: 900 US$

For veterinary students: 900 US$

For graduated veterinarians: 1300 US$

For laboratory technicians:
1500 US$

For veterinary students:
1500 US$

For graduated veterinarians:
2300 US$