About ADFH Laboratory

This in-house Competence Center provides timely, fast and accurate availability of all laboratory results required for precise medical diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The ADFH Laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to perform fast and accurate examinations of all different samples in the state-of-the-art professional way. In 2007, the ADFH Laboratory was confirmed for the second time after 2005 as Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. In 2008, the histopathology unit was added to the Laboratory. Moreover, the ADFH Lab has extended its range from purely avian to both avian and pet diagnostics. Testing is also performed for animal and bird collections as well as large and exotic animals. Any analytical system utilized by the laboratory is subject to strict standardization and ongoing assessment through the use of quality control sampling to ensure it is accurately reporting patient results.

The lab is open for the testing for external samples from Sunday through Thursday 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM. In emergency cases the laboratory provides a 24-hour emergency service. Samples submitted by private bird and pet owners, veterinary clinics, poultry farms, public and private institutions are accepted.