Lab Facilities

In 2011, our ADFH laboratory moved into its new premises on the Falcon Hospital Site. The laboratory facilities were expanded and upgraded.

Our Parasitology Lab is equipped with the latest microscopes and an advanced microscope with computer photo recording and storage facility. This helps greatly in follow up of samples and training purposes alike.

Our Hematology and Biochemistry Lab is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment like specially automated biochemistry analyzer. Our laboratory specialists are processing a volume of up to 100 blood samples a day. Moreover we have a blood gas machine.

Our fully automated ELISA machine and conventional ELISA machine as well as an electrophoresis unit enables us to the most precise and advanced tests as well as high volume of samples that can be processed.

Our Microbiology Lab is equipped with the latest biosafety cabinets and a fully automated system for identification and susceptibility tests for further identification even of the most uncommon bacterial agents.

Our Histopathology unit has further enhanced our most modern laboratory diagnostic procedures and equipment. This unit supports the histopathological examination of pathological and postmortem samples

Our PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Lab features a fully automated DNA/RNA Extractor, Liquid Handling System and Real time PCR. The ADFH is proud to have introduced the first fully automated PCR lab in the UAE in 2006. Moreover, conventional PCR can be done on a Thermocycler.

Our latest addition, the cell laboratory is designed to detect viral pathogens.