Endoscopies and Surgeries


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital features two advanced endoscopy units where the procedure can be conducted simultaneously with digital recording facility. Endoscopy aids in early diagnosis of diseases like Aspergillosis and Serratospiculum worm infestations and also in sexing of falcons. The digital recording facility helps in record keeping and future referencing of the patient’s previous files and medical history as digital video database.

Advanced Surgery

ADFH has a state-of-the-art surgery unit that offers surgical services ranging from simple soft-tissue surgery (surgery for keel injuries, surgery for other soft tissues like wing and leg injuries and bumble foot surgery) to the most complex orthopedic surgery for fractures and dislocations as well as laser surgery. At ADFH, falcons and birds are in safe professional hands when dealing with complex orthopedic and surgical problems.