About our Research and Publications

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital aims to share its extensive knowledge in falcon medicine and husbandry with all interested persons and institutions from all over the world. We have expanded our research and publications over the years that base on the huge data pool of our large falcon patient numbers. We have put our publications and brochures as pdf files on our website as download for our website viewers to give wide-ranging access to our research results.

As leading institution for falcon medicine world-wide, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has actively published a wide range of scientific publications and participates in international conferences. 2 new diseases have been discovered already which include a parasitic disease,Enterocytozoon bieneusi, and a bacterial infection with Acinteobacter baumannii. Other ADFH scientific publications include falcon husbandry, bacterial and fungal diseases, disease prevention as well as Avian Influenza.