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ADAS hosted a Stray Animal Welfare Conference on 23rd till 27th October 2011

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, managed by the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital hosted a Stray Animal Welfare Conference held from 23rd to 27th October 2011 at the Shaheen Conference Center of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

The Stray Animal Welfare Conference was a 5-day event that included an exclusive workshop for Pest control companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain.The aim of the conference was to raise awareness about the stray animal welfare in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and to greatly improve the cat and dog trapping methods of the pest control companies and to bring them up to international standards.The Stray Animal Welfare Conference brought the reputed World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) from UK. WSPA is affiliated to the United Nations and Council of Europe and includes over 1,000 animal welfare groups in 159 countries. This makes them to the largest animal welfare federation in the world.Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller, Director Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital stated that "by now tremendous changes with regard to stray animal welfare have taken place in the Abu Dhabi Emirate." She highlighted "the role model function of the government of Abu Dhabi taking the lead by establishing the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter that illustrates its deep commitment to take stray animal welfare and animal welfare in general up to the highest level." 

The conference was followed by a four days workshop during which WSPA representative trained the trapping companies during field training. The final day concluded with the final review of the workshop.The conference and workshop was supported by The Center of Waste Management Abu Dhabi and Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. The conference and workshop was attended by over 130 participants of the government, private companies and non-governmental organizations, universities and media.

Furthermore, from January to September 2011, 5,035 stray cats and dogs have been neutered compared to 2,285 neutered cats and dogs in the complete year 2010. Moreover, in the first 9 month of 2011, 166 dogs and 64 cats have been adopted already.The positive social and environmental impact of the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter ranges from the enhancement of animal welfare to wide-reaching accessibility for interested new pet owners and significant reduction in sick animals and uncontrolled overpopulation of cats in Abu Dhabi Emirate.