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September 30, 2009

Winning of Award “Golden Medal for Quality and Service” for ADFH Website

Category : General

The award "Golden Medal for Quality and Service" was given to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital by the Worldwide Marketing Organization in September 2009. This award recognizes the excellence of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital website. It recognizes the informative and interactive content of the newly revamped website as well as its innovative design. The ADFH also received a certificate stating the winning of this prestigious trophy. The award was granted annually on the basis of opinion poll & surveys among global consumers of products and services. This international award recognizes and emphasizes the values of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital as well as its trajectory and the quality of its products and services. This is another achievement of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and it is its honor to be recognized internationally on its high standards in the customer satisfaction field.