The “OSCARS” of the international travel and tourism industry, World Travel Awards, has awarded Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital its fourth consecutive win for Middle East’s Responsible Tourism 2016. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has once again succeeded in achieving the esteemed title at the Middle East Gala Ceremony, at the exquisite St. Regis Dubai last Thursday, 29 September 2016. 

The perseverance of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital staff, the uniqueness of the Falcon World Tour has been the pillars of this achievement. Winning for the fourth consecutive year truly puts the cherry on top of the third win last year. This prestigious accolade has motivated Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital to strive harder and seize for the fifth win next year.

A sensational development of the Falcon World Tour was observed this year with the number of guests booming year by year. The unique tour had always fascinated tourists from around the globe. Majestic falcons treated like royalty at the largest and finest falcon hospital in the world, a flashback on the history of falconry in the UAE – a significant part of UAE history – these are just one of the main reasons that Falcon World Tour is such a popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Being the leading institution for Falcon Medicine, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital recognizes this award as a huge and vital accomplishment as it is able to soar high even outside its medical aptitudes by being the best in the ever so competitive tourism industry.