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January 01, 2012

Record number of figures reached in every section of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital in the year 2011

Category : General

  Record number of falcon visits

2011 saw a record year with 6,030 falcon visits representing an increase of 3.3 %. This is the highest number of falcon visits ever since opening of ADFH. Moreover, it is the first time in the history that the 6,000 visit barrier has been crossed. The highest number of molting falcons was reached with 116 falcons in 2011. The newly constructed large molting cage and falcon quarantine building became major assets for ADFH in 2011.

  Winning of 4 International Awards

The ADFH has received 4 internationally renowned awards from UK, Germany, Belgium and Italy. They were awarded for quality and excellence in the field of customer satisfaction, leadership, innovation and efficiency, business prestige and excellence as well as best practices of ADFH.

  Successful Introduction of ADFH Falcon Breeding Program

ADFH has successfully introduced its falcon breeding program. 1 male falcon was bred as first own bred falcon of ADFH followed by another 1 male and 1 female falcon from another breeding pair. This poses a milestone in the ADFH history and opens a new income generating service.

  Record number of laboratory samples

A record number of 31,825 samples including Avian Influenza samples were received at ADFH laboratory in 2011 being an increase of 20.3 %. New tests were introduced in 2011, especially in the small and exotic animal sector. Following the opening of the new laboratory facilities, new testing methods are currently under set up and will further enhance the laboratory offerings in 2012.

  Record number of pets

The Pet Care Center has emerged as the second strongest pillar in the service range of ADFH. A record number of 3,563 pets were registered in 2011 being an increase of 81.78 %. This is the highest number of pets ever since opening of ADFH Pet Care Center.

  Record number of tourists

2011 saw an increase of 31.7% of tourists. Moreover, ADFH has emerged as the number 5 out of 18 tourist attractions in the Abu Dhabi Emirate behind Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace Hotel, Corniche and Caracal Shooting Club according to the travel rating website Tripadvisor. Moreover, ADFH has joined the new promotional tool of Etihad Airways “Essential Abu Dhabi” .

   Opening of Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

In 2011, the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter construction was completed comprising 3 large dog kennels with outside runs and 2 catteries. Moreover, the existing Pet Care Center hospital facilities had been expanded to accommodate the high numbers of stray animals to be neutered and treated. The laboratory building has been finished, too. The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter was officially opened with the Stray Animal Welfare Conference on October 23, 2011 that was held in co-operation with World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) from UK. A dedicated interactive website has been developed to show all animals ready for adoption as well as to provide extensive information about pets.

  High numbers of adopted animals

Over the year 2011, a total number of 324 animals, including 221 dogs, 93 cats and 10 small pets (like rabbits and guinea pigs) have been adopted from the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter. The highest number of adoptions was recorded in the month of September with 46 adopted dogs and 40 adopted cats.

  Highest numbers of neutered animals

In 2011, a total number of 7,533 stray animals (including 6,605 cats and 928 dogs) were neutered at Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital as only authorized veterinary hospital in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program of Abu Dhabi government. This is an increase of 229.7 % compared to 2010 with 2,285 neutered stray animals.